• Charlotte G Furneaux

My wedding story

Part 1: The Beginning

I met my future husband in 2016. I was 32 and he was 37. We started looking for a house together 6 months later and we purchased our home together almost one year after our first date. I remember moving my pen to sign the purchase agreement then looking over at him and suddenly asking, “Are we getting married?!” and he smiled and simply said, “Of course”. So I signed, and after a whirlwind of joining two adult humans worth of things into one domicile – I started planning our wedding.

As I am writing this, a ring exists, but it isn’t on my hand. My future husband (or fuzzband as I like to call him) really wanted to have the “engagement moment” but in my heart – we are already engaged. I had designed my engagement ring long before I met him. As a jewellery designer, you tend to have an idea of the kind of styles you like, and envision what you would one day want to wear on your own hand. I am looking forward to the moment he officially asks, but it’s not going to be the dawn of our future marriage.

I remember people thinking (specifically parents) that we were moving too fast, especially when it came to purchasing our home. Everyone we talked to (except our realtor) thought it was a terrible idea to link ourselves so permanently together before he “put a ring on it”. It worked for us though – we knew almost immediately that we were not only meant for each other, but compatible in a way few people get to experience.

We also weren’t in our 20s, and that meant we had had enough life experience to know when the real thing showed up. I’ve heard that couples who meet a little later in life (not that 30s is ancient) tend to move a little faster than those who are in their 20s. Besides, millennials are getting married later and later these days so as far as we were concerned, we were par for the course.

So my fuzzband and I own a home together, are getting married, but not “technically” engaged. Despite eschewing traditional (read: logical) timelines, we truly feel like we are doing things in the order we needed. It meant having a long time to plan my wedding so that I could have the date, the décor and the budget that I wanted. I also know a few people in the local wedding scene, and I have been planning events since I was a teenager. I buy things when they go on sale, scour local wedding buy and sells, and do my research on trends and pricing. That coupled with my artist maker inclinations, and I am hoping to throw my best party yet. And I will tell you, I have thrown a decent party in my lifetime. Luckily my partner is just as excited about throwing a great shindig as I am.

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