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Wedding Planning with Mental Illness: 5 Tips to make it easier

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Mental illness runs in my family. We have everything from the “I can meditate to center myself” all the way to extended visits at “The Spa”. I know you know what I mean. I myself suffer a plethora of wild and exhausting mental conditions. What fun! That may sound scary, but my particular mental “cocktail” means that I am generally a productive and contributing member of society. Essentially, my mental illness (thankfully) doesn’t keep me from living my life most of the time.

Since I got engaged, I find that this new and exciting chapter of my life is fraught with mental stumbling blocks. So here I am, sharing my thoughts on how to make this exciting and stressful time less intimidating – for you, AND for me.

1. Continue to Take Your Meds

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Riding such a high like getting engaged can be deceiving. You might be feeling so good at points you may fool yourself in thinking that you don’t need those pills anymore. Honey, no. I went off my meds just as I got engaged (Doctor’s orders) and I got sooooo sick. It sucked a lot of the joy out of the moment. Keep up with that routine, even if you don’t think you need it.

2. Don’t Forget Your Other Self-care Routines

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When I told me doctor about my bad reaction, she asked if I was taking any time for myself. Am I using some of my days off of work to just exist? Sometimes this human being feels like she needs to be a human DOING. Try just BEING for a minute, it helps. Do a mask, take a nap, eat a cookie, go for a jog. Do what makes you feel good.

3. Lean on Your Fiancée

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They asked to spend the rest of their lives with you, or at least agreed to. Chances are if you have mental illness, they are already aware of it. It’s okay to ask for a little more support when you are having a hard time coping. Ask them to make dinner, or a load of laundry – anything to help make your load lighter.

4. Talk to Your Wedding Squad

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There is nothing like your best pals to help lend a helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on. Studies show that 1 in 5 people suffer from mental illness. So chances are good your pals have some experience with their own mental illness and can perhaps provide some helpful insight.

5. Take a Break From Planning

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This is a tough one for me. My doctor asked if there was anything I could let go of for a while to let my brain recuperate. When you are going a mile a minute and planning your wedding AND living your normal hectic life, sometimes you have to prioritize. For me, I had to let something go for the meantime, and it was my wedding (and wedding blog). Luckily I have a good amount of time to prepare and taking a break won’t derail my plans.

In the end, these may or may not work for you. Be real with yourself, and if you have trouble prioritizing, ask for help. It may not feel like have people who you can ask for help, but I guarantee you do. Don’t worry, you got this.

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